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                                                                                                      HERPING MAINE  

As fall got started, so did the herping! Well, that was part of this adventure Matt and Siobhan had in Maine. They had traveled north to enjoy the scenery, and perhaps get a look at a wild moose, a critter they have not observed in the wild before. It seemed like a good excuse for a road trip. Of course, they had their cameras with them, and passed some promising looking cover. One thing led to another, and the herps started to get uncovered. Maine is not known for a wide variety of reptiles and amphibians, but oour duo managed to uncover some interesting fauna as their search for moose progressed! Join them below!

                                                                       DEER SEASON 2022 CONTINUES   

The whitetail rut is a highly anticipated time of year for hunters, and it's no different here at the Camochair camp! As the deer get into breeding mode, activity increases and the older nocturnal bucks start to move more during legal shooting hours. It's time to grab the bow and head into the woods as much as possible. This year tossed Mike a curve with hot weather and a full moon. While he knew this would decrease deer movement, he still couldn't stay out of the woods. His target was a buck, since Michael and Dana had already put meat in the freezer earlier in our Deer Season 2022 series. He enjoys some good action even with the less than ideal conditions. Be sure to click below and join him on the hunt in his tree stand!

                                                                         FALL HERPING NORTH CAROLINA  

While our attention is often consumed by hunting when the seasons open in the fall, it's not the only activity available to those who wish to explore the outdoors. This is a great time of year to get outside. The temperatures are more hospitable, and the insects don't bother you as much. It can be a great time for a road trip to enjoy the scenery, and whatever outdoor activities tickle your fancy. So it's no surprise that Michael, along with Desiree, decided to head out and do some herping. This time the destination was North Carolina. Looking for some of the harder to find species that call this area their home,they uncover the  Yonahlossee Salamander, the Red Cheek Salamander, as well as a stunning example of the endangered Green Salamander. We hope that they find time to provide us with some more fall herping videos this year. Until they get the chance to produce those, join them below for a glimpse at some fascinating creatures! 

                                                                  THE LAST OF THE SUMMER PERCH  

As summer rolled to an end, we decided to head back to a lake where we had enjoyed fair success fishing for perch during the late summer. These fish are tasty no mater how you cook them, and they always provide fast action and plenty of fillets to add to our freezer for the winter. As the morning got started, we deployed the depth finder and located some fish holding a few feet off the bottom, and dropped our baits down to them. Those baits were immediately well received, with our rods bending almost instantly, revealing a mix of both white and yellow perch below. On this trip, Mike was on the board first, with Michael soon following. But Dana struggled, and as the day progressed, it turned into one of those rare occasions where the boys actually managed to out fish her! We're not sure this trip will end the fishing for the year, as mentioned on the homepage we do some fall fishing when we get a chance. But with hunting seasons open or opening soon, we find ourselves spending more time on deer stand than at the lake. We will see how the season progresses though, fall can be a great time to get out on the water too!

                                                                                   THE ANATOMY OF A  MISS  

If you hunt a lot, especially with a bow and arrow, you probably know that things don't always go as planned. All the scouting, preparation, and planning for the hunt done, you find yourself in the woods on a beautiful fall day, and the moment of truth arrives. A deer has materialized out of the brush, and seemingly unaware of your presence is presenting  you with a quality broadside shot. You take a few deep breaths to calm you nerves, take careful aim, and squeeze the trigger. Then you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, you watch the arrow sail harmlessly over the deers back, and it trots off to disappear into the woods from whence it came. If it hasn't happened to you yet, it probably will at some point. Many times this is not your fault. The excellent slow motion footage of a deer "jumping string" in this video demonstrates how and why this can happen. The lightning fast reflexes of a whitetail deer cheating death.

                                        BLACKENED SNAKEHEAD WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH      

On our Homepage, you may have seen the video when we took a break from deer hunting to head out and catch some Snakeheads. These invasive fish have been introduced into many waterways. They can be destructive, as they have huge appetites and eat just about anything they can swallow. Other fish, amphibians, crabs and crustaceans, waterfowl chicks, you name it, if it's in the water they'll try and swallow it. This creates problems, as they quickly out compete native species. But the good side of this is that they're fairly easy to catch as they try and placate their appetite.  Fall isn't the only time we fish for them, we took a trip this past summer, enjoyed great action fishing for them, and filled our cooler. So we experimented with cooking them. We knew they were good eating from past experience, but the recipe presented here is one you have to try. Blackened, these fish are AMAZING on the table! If you do get a chance to hook into a few, try them this way.You'll be doing the environment a favor by removing  them from the water, and you wont regret it when you sit down to eat dinner! If you're interested in more recipes for fish and game, scroll down, and to the right you'll find a link to a play list full of them!

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                 THREE DEER DOWN                 

In the video above, Dana took a fantastic buck to start deer season. But Mike had a slow morning. This is often the case when hunting public land. It takes persistence to bag deer out there. When it does happen, it's enjoyable to drag deer home from areas that are difficult to hunt. This was the case last fall when he took to the woods with Michael and they arrowed not one, not two, but THREE deer on this particular hunt. While the arduous drag out to the car wore them out, and they will think long and hard before taking three at once again, we wish them much luck this coming season! For now, join them below for an unforgettable morning!
deer hunting, camochair productions


                       FALL FISHING                      

Hunting isn't the only fall activity that can add meat to the freezer. Above we loaded up on deer, so that allowed us to relax a bit, enjoy the fall colors, and get out on the water to put some tasty fish fillets in the freezer too. The video below was created as part of our Frugal Fishing videos. You can use the link provided for all of them. Those videos include fishing and money saving tips that can not only help save you a few dollars on those fishing trips, but also trim those grocery bills with the fish you catch! 
 walleye fishing

                SPOILS OF THE HUNT               

Next to this video you'll find the video of a hunt that went a long way towards filling our freezer. It was quite a job getting those deer processed. Utilizing the meat from the deer we take, a successful season provides most of our red meat needs for the entire year. We do all our processing at home, and it saves us quite a bit of money. It's not difficult, and scrolling down you find links to our videos on processing that could help you get started doing the same. But we also create videos filled with great ways to prepare the game and fish we take. See the video below for a venison recipe, or our Recipes Included play-list, to find many more ways to prepare game and fish!  

deer hunting,



Wherever your adventures take you this fall, we hope they involve good times with family and friends. The video below was filmed on a fall trip we took to fish with our friend Nosh on a journey to Georgia's lake Lanier. We booked a guided trip for striped bass with Captain Youngblood. That turned out to be a great choice, as we headed out and reeled in fish after fish! If you get down that way, be sure your trip includes a a day fishing with him on this fantastic lake, and tell him Camochair Productions sent you!


As fall continues, and hunting seasons kick into

high gear, we hope all of you enjoy success. One

of the benefits of living the outdoor lifestyle is

bringing game and fish to the table. With prices

going through the roof for everything, the clean,

self-renewing, non polluting food sources we

utilize in this fashion not only helps with being

more self sustaining, but it can also shave those

grocery bills down a bit! Even more savings can

be had if you do your own processing! We know

it can be a bit overwhelming to get started at this

from experience, so we put together our play list

How To Process Fish And Game. Filled with tips

on getting your bounty ready for the freezer, it will

aid the novice in getting started, or perhaps offer

some tips to those who are a bit more experienced

get it done a bit faster. These videos also include

tips on grinding burger, or making you own venison

sausages at home!  Beginner or old hand, be

sure to link through and give these videos a look!
butchering fish and game

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