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                                                    YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU'LL CATCH  

When summer arrives, we just can't wait to head out on the water and wet a line. It's time to stock that freezer with fish, and enjoy the company of friends and family at the waters edge as you wait for that next bite! Part of the fun of any fishing trip is that you never really know what's going to grab your bait and bend your pole! In the video below, Mike headed over to the lake with Michael looking for a few perch to put on their stringer. They knew catching them at this lake was a good possibility, as they had started the video series "The Search For Perch"  fishing here. They enjoyed some success that morning, but were in for big surprise when they moved down the bank and hooked up with a very strange creature indeed! Click below to join them as they partake in a little "herping" with hook and line!

                                                            HERPING MARYLAND'S EASTERN SHORE   

Another great way to enjoy some time outdoors over the summer is herping, or searching for reptiles and amphibians. These often overlooked creatures are fascinating, and many members of our Crew are avid about their herping. You'll find a detailed look at many of these creatures that call our home state home in our video series Herping Maryland.  While herping locally is a lot of fun, it's often more fun to travel and check out other states for species that don't live where you do. Matt, along with Siobhan had just returned from a trip to South Carolina to do just that. But they hadn't had enough! The video below is the result. After returning home, they decided to enjoy the nice early summer weather, and take a camping trip to the Eastern Shore to look for more critters! Be sure to join them as Matt experiences the business end of a rather annoyed plain bellied water snake he captured to document for the cameras! 

                                              GET THAT SUMMER SCOUTING FOR DEER STARTED!   

The beginning of summer may not seem like it's the time to get started hunting. With fishing season in full swing, the sun beating down, and the insect swarms looking for their next meal of blood stalking every step you take, the woods can seem less than inviting. But if you're an avid deer hunter, you know that spending time in the woods right now will pay big dividends this fall. More so if you hunt on heavily hunted public land. With this in mind, Mike  took advantage of cooler temperatures provided by a passing cold front and hit the woods to do some more homework. In the fourth installment of this series that will follow him through the 2022 deer season, he returns to thick cover where he had found promising sign while hunting turkey, and stumbles onto a bedding area in a thick swamp. Reading the sign, he picks another promising location to hunt when the season opens, offering details on how and why he's decided on this spot.  He also offers tip and tactics he's used in seasons past to scout good locations over the summer, methods that have put quite a few deer in his freezer! Put some of these tactics to work for you this fall, we're sure if you do, they will lead to opportunity to put some meat on ice yourself! 

                                               BANK FISHING ON A HOT SUMMER DAY  

Oppressive heat was forecast for the start of the July, and with Dana on the sidelines, and gas through the roof, Mike decided he would see if Michael wanted to join him for some bank fishing close to home at a local lake. That way, they could save on gas and when it started getting too hot, they could bag it for a quick ride home. They headed up to a spot where they had enjoyed some success fishing for perch during midsummer a few years ago, just looking to put together a stringer for the table. Unfortunately, the perch didn't want to cooperate on this trip, but they were surprised by catching some really nice largemouth bass right from the shore! You can't complain about a morning like this!  

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Blue crabs are a summer favorite for many. Spiced and steamed, they offer really fine eating! They are easily located, inhabiting the waters off the east coast of the US mainland, and all the bays and estuaries found there, and are easily caught with just some bait, a string, and a net. Of course, this isn't the only way to catch them, but living close to the bay, it's the way we were taught to go crabbing.

This video offers some tips and tricks we've used over many summers to fill a bushel, as well as one of our favorite crab recipes at the end! So be sure to click below and give it a view before you go!
crabbing, Maryland blue crabs, crab fishing, Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs


Alaska is an amazing place, and is often a destination for a summer getaway. This was the case a few summers ago for Mike and Dana. They made the journey there, and of course, they toured the awe inspiring Denali Park, staying for a few days at the end of the park road and enjoying the wilderness at a back-country lodge. But on this trip, they ventured even further into the bush. They booked a trip to be dropped at a dry cabin off the Chena river outside of Fairbanks, and spent a few days off the grid fishing! They also taught themselves to fly fish while they were there! Click below on join them on an adventure of a lifetime!  


                SPOILS OF THE HUNT               

Next to this video you'll find a summer adventure that will provide some fantastic eating! That video also includes one of our favorite crab recipes. While we know that deer hunting is a fall and winter activity, it provides a freezer full of meat. If you have a good season, this meat will last well into the next summer, if not all year. Below you'll find a a quick and easy, yet very tasty way to prepare some of that bounty that's been packed in the deep freeze waiting for you to enjoy it. So give it a try. You can use this link to our Recipes Included play-list, where you'll find many more ways to prepare game and fish!  

deer hunting,

           HOW TO CLEAN YOUR CATCH        

Summer is the perfect time to head to your favorite fishing hole and put together a stringer of fish for the table. It could be the local stream or lake, or you may be planning a big trip to head out and spend a week reeling in those big ones! If there is anything certain about fishing, it is that if you enjoy success, and want to have some fish for supper, you're going to have to clean them. We enjoy the bounty of our adventures. Fish and game are a clean, renewable resource. So our play-list "How To Process Fish and Game" was created, to help those who want to do the same, but are not sure where to begin, get started. View the whole play-list, or see the video below for your fish!

cleaning fish, how to fillet fish, fish fillet

We are all suffering with the high prices for fuel lately.

But we don't want to let that put a damper on all of

the fun outdoor adventures you can have as the weather

warms and summer gets underway! So we want to offer this link

to our Frugal Fishing series. We do a lot of fishing this

time of year, and are always looking for ways to save on

filling the tank for our next trip to stock our freezer

with more tasty fillets! While our videos presented there 

are geared towards the angler, and offer tips for putting

more fish on your stringer, we shot several videos

that offer tips specifically on saving money at the pump.
You can click the picture below and find one of those gas saving

specific videos. We hope you'll enjoy the great fishing 

action presented here, but the money saving tips could help

you save on fuel no mater what activity you chose to enjoy

this spring! Be sure to link through and give them a look!

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