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                                                   WINTER FISHING AT THE WATTS BAR TAIL-RACE  

It's not often that you'll see Mike out fish Dana, but on a rare occasion it does happen! This was one of those trips. It might be the dead of winter, but with hunting seasons about over, all it took was a little warm up to find them heading out to get a bucket of minnows and do some fishing! Since they had already fished this location once before, the challenge was finding a bait store that had minnows in stock this time of year. But it would seem folks here are already doing some crappie fishing, so that didn't take as much effort as they thought. They had caught a crappie here before, those fish didn't seem to want to cooperate on this trip. But they did enjoy a lot of action for pan fish, and did really well considering it was early February! Perhaps they'll get into a crappie bite a bit later in the spring. Part of learning their way around will not only be exploring this and other fishing access spots, but also when different species of fish bite at any given the time of year! So click below and join them as they start what's sure to be a very interesting journey this spring exploring the new fishing opportunities and locations around them!

                                                    HERPING; THE GUATEMALAN BEADED LIZARD  

Chris recently took an amazing adventure. He found himself in the jungles of Guatemala, on a herping trip with Jungle Diaries looking for the endangered Guatemalan Beaded Lizard. This venomous lizard is related to the Gila Monster, and because of it's painful bite, it was often killed when found. That and the reality that they were popular in Europe, captured and exported for the pet trade there saw their numbers fall to an estimated less than 200 left in the wild. However, concerned environmentalists jumped in and created the Heloderma Reserve in the Guatemalan dry forest to set aside habitat in an effort to prevent their extinction. Collecting them with permits, they pit tag them and return them to the wild to monitor their status. They also educate people about these amazing lizards, and now, instead of killing them, locals often bring them to the reserve when they find them.These efforts have seen the wild population more than double! But that's not all they found on this trip! The Yellow Blotched Palm Viper, as well as the feared and venomous Fer-de-lance put in an appearance, as our group heads up a live volcano to start the adventure! They also found the False Fer-de-lance, a venomous snake that mimics his namesake.These were not the only amazing creatures they encountered on their trip! So be sure to join them, and if you're interested in the stickers or Tee's Chris has available, you can purchase them through SNK Creatures, be sure to stop by his shop and give his products a look. He'll appreciate your support!

                                                                                                  HERPING NEVADA  
International traveling isn't the only way to keep herping into the colder months of the year. Reptiles and amphibians are known to be heat loving creatures. So when winter sets in, finding them can become a challenge if you live in a colder climate. Traveling to a warmer area of the country can be an excellent way to extend your herping into the fall and winter, as well as find and observe creatures not seen on your home turf. Chris lives in Florida, and this has offered us the opportunity to travel and explore that warmer climate. You'll find those videos posted on our Herping Florida play-list. We have also traveled to the desert southwest on occasion, and made some great finds. That's exactly what Matt and Siobhan did in this video. Nevada served as their destination, and as expected, they found quite a few interesting reptiles. The Variable Groundsnake was one they had not seen before, and the very interesting Sidewinder also puts in an appearance. It was even the breeding season for tarantulas! Join them below!


                                                                                           DEER SEASON 2023   
The deer season opened for 2023 with things still fairly unsettled for us. Mike and Dana had finally finished their relocation. But getting settled in was another thing. So much still needed to be done. Mike managed to get in a few public land hunts down in Tennessee, and found promising deer sign on the new property as well. He plans on putting in some more time to get to know these areas well. Moving forward, this will take time and effort to hunt these areas effectively, and with the rut approaching fast, a decision was made to head back to Maryland and hunt with Michael on more familiar terrain. It turned out that this was a good decision. We had a week for the record books, taking and processing five deer in that short amount of time. We got it all on film too! The deer season will continue through the winter. As it does, we will post up more videos to our play-list below. Click below for the 2023 series and join us on the hunt!                                                    
deer hunting,

                                                                                     WINTER TROUT FISHING  

Fishing is something that is more thought of as a warmer weather activity. The spawning runs and heavy trout stockings that happen as spring arrives, or warm days of summer spent in a boat dragging deep lines for catfish in cooler holes trying to escape the heat. But there are also cold tolerant fish like trout that are very willing to bite during the colder months of the year. Many states also stock trout in the winter, not only to provide fishing opportunities during the colder months, but to let them winter over and be available in the spring when the crowds do return lakeside. But these colder month stockings offer a great chance to get outside and shake the cabin fever, even if your finger tips might be a little chilly. In the past, we have taken full advantage of the trout fishing at local lakes over the winter. So Mike and Dana were eager to head out and explore their new area when they got notifications that a nearby lake would be stocked, even though the temperatures were a bit chilly! You can join them on this trip below If this isn't enough fishing action for you this winter, be sure to use this link to our Frugal Fishing series, where you'll find videos with tips that will not only improve your fishing, but save you money as well!

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Winter means the late season splits for migratory birds will open. This offers those weary of long sits in a cold stand waiting for a deer a chance to get out and try their hand at some wing-shooting. A cut cornfield can often attract large flocks of birds looking for a quick meal on their journey south. Dove are also great eating. Below, Mike and Michael head out and bag a few birds, then continued filming as they prepared their bounty to create a video for our Recipes Included play-list. If you get a chance, try this one with you doves, or click through for other tasty ways to cook your game!
dove kabobs


         MIKE AND DANA GO HERPING       

A few years back, Mike and Dana found themselves on a winter trip to Florida. But they're not your typical snowbirds. Dana had won an all expense paid trip to see a concert there. Since they had some downtime between their arrival and the show, they decided Chris shouldn't have all the fun herping during the colder months, and gave it a shot themselves. While not as polished as the videos he creates for our Herping Florida series, you'll find the one they created by clicking below.  

           POST SEASON SCOUTING             

Right after deer season has closed is probably the best time to scout your hunting area. Especially if you hunt public land. With the leaves off the trees, you can see the lay of the land, and deer sign from the recent whitetail rut really stands out. You also wont have to worry about bumping deer off their bedding areas, and can locate great ambush points into and out off areas deer head to when the hunting pressure starts next year. Mike found a few of these spots that led to the success he enjoyed in the videos above with Michael on public land this past year while he filmed the video below!
scouting for deer, deer hunting

                                                                                 DUCKS IN FLOODED TIMBER        
Duck hunting the late season can be hit or miss. Once the waters freeze up, the birds will move on to find open water and food. This is usually moving water of a large river embayment. But if you can get out there just before a freeze, or after a warm front dumps some rain, flooded timber can be the ticket for a few birds. Fresh flooding will submerge acorns, and the ducks should be there, flying in just after first light to enjoy access to the fresh food source! 

duck hunting

Hunting and fishing is a lifestyle many enjoy. These

activities provide delicious, self renewing, non polluting 

fish and game for the table. All our game processing 

is done in house. We have put together a

play-list on our YouTube channel Sharing The Outdoors

for those of you interested in getting started, as well as

those of you who  want some tips that can help make

it easier and more streamlined taking your fish and

game from field to table yourselves. Click the links provided

here for videos that cover everything from butchering a

deer to making your own fresh venison sausages! 

deer hunting,