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                                                                                                       WINTER 2023  

As winter takes a grip on the landscape, outdoor activities slow. But just because ole Jack Frost has put in an appearance there's no reason to become a shut in! This will be our first full winter season at our new home base in Tennessee, and we're anxious to explore! We plan to have the cameras with us as we do!

Late season hunting splits often offer a chance at deer that are moving back to predictable feeding patterns after a long rutting season. Locating prime food sources can be a good way to get that buck that eluded you! Of course, winter also is also a great time to simply scout new areas as well. With the foliage down, it's easy to see the lay of the landscape, and after the hunting seasons close in the winter, it's the ideal time to enter suspect bedding areas to look for a good set up when the season opens next year.

There are also late season hunting opportunities like dove and duck as well, and small game seasons last well into winter. So we've posted links on our "Now Playing" page to a few of those trips from days past. In one, Mike offers tips on post season scouting, trips that led to the discovery of several really good hunting spots on public land that have paid off again and again. You'll find that a few of these spots are the ones he hunted with Michael in the hunts they filmed this past fall. Those videos are also available on that page.

But that's not all you'll find posted on our "Now Playing" page. This is where we post our most recent videos, and as our exploration gets underway, we'll be posting those adventures there. Chris took to recent herping trip to Guatemala, and you'll find that video posted there. Join him on his adventure herping on a volcano!  Matt and Siobhan took a recent herping trip to the desert southwest, that video went on-line with this site update too! We also have our latest fishing adventure, limiting out on winter trout at a local pond!  Just click through to "Now Playing" and scroll down to the bottom of the page for all our adventures!

We hope this winter season treats you well, and will be doing our best to keep our outdoor adventures coming through the winter season! Enjoy what we have posted already, more is on the way!

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                   PLAN A FUTURE ADVENTURE! CLICK BELOW FOR A FEW IDEAS!                                                      PERHAPS YOU WOULD ENJOY                                                                                                           

         FLY-FISHING IN ALASKA                     A HERPING TRIP                       A CHARTER FISHING TRIP

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