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  SPRING 2015  

At work a few springs ago, and a barred owl sounded off in some nearby pines trees. Instantly, my thoughts dissolved into the forest. On another morning past, with a hint of pastel from the encroaching dawn painting  the sky, the distant relative of this barred owl had done the same. Only this time his call had been almost immediately followed by an Earth shaking gobble from the nearby trees. Hens filled the air with clucks and yelps, and I tried my best to fit into the choir to attract the gobblers attention! As he flew down, his gobbles drew nearer. A purr or two on my call, and he was nearer still. Probably already in range, but not in view. Easing the shotgun up from where it rested on my knee, and slipping the safety off as quietly as possible, I readied myself for the shot. In a moment, the head would appear from behind the bush, flashing from blue to bright white in his excitement to greet his hen, my load of copper plated five shot would exit the barrel on it's mission. The barred owl called again...hang on. Twenty minutes had gone by, and I could hardly recall what I had been doing that entire time! I shook the daydream off and tried hard to focus my attention back on my job.

Do you find things like this happen to you as warm spring days arrive as well?

If so, you are probably a turkey hunting addict. 

Not that there is anything wrong with that. Spring would not be complete without some turkey hunting, and you'll find a past turkey hunt on video in the Now Playing section! There you will also find some spring themed fishing videos. We will be rolling our cameras to catch all the action this spring as well! 

You will also find new videos on our Frugal Fishing page . We got an early start working on this series and are starting the new season with this update. More videos will be posted as the fishing season progresses.

Plans are also in place to continue production on our herping videos as spring and summer come along. Even though the MARA project has concluded, this will include adding to our Herping Maryland series. I also hear rumblings from crew members, who shall remained unnamed at this time, of planned trips to exotic locations. So a few surprises should be expected!



Click here to join us on a great early spring charter for snook, sea trout and redfish in Florida!

Spring is in the air, so get out there and have some fun! When you have a bit of down time click below and 

               Fishing in Tennessee                               Herping The Outer Banks                                    Fly Fishing in Alaska

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