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                                                                                                       SPRING 2016  

Spring is upon us once again. Winter rolled right on by, if you want to call it that. We can't say we had much of one here in the mid-Atlantic region. This was the first winter in recent memory we have not had any snow to speak of. A dusting or two that didn't even require the snow shovel to be removed from the shed is all we can boast. I guess that is not something to complain about. Of course, just as things started to warm up in March, we got a brutal cold snap that put down some of the white stuff, and dashed our plans to get out and do some early spring fishing. But that wont keep us away from the water for long. The annual trout stockings were already underway, and we took full advantage of this opportunity. You'll find one of our latest releases, Preseason Trout Fishing, posted in our "Now Playing" section. We will be filming more fishing action soon, but if you just can't wait, be sure to visit the Frugal Fishing page here at our site. There you will find numerous fishing videos from past seasons, full of helpful tips that can not only make your spring fishing adventures more successful, but help you save some money along the way.

We are also gearing up for turkey hunting. This is highly anticipated, and one of the high points of our spring season. Dana and Mike have plans to join Chris in Florida, to try and complete our wild turkey grand slam, taking all four of the major subspecies of wild turkey in North America.  The Florida Osceola strain is the final bird on this quest, and we have our fingers crossed that this will be the year we get it done! It's with this in mind we have posted the videos of our crew taking the other three subspecies. You can find links to those posted in the "Now Playing" section to enjoy. We hope this helps get you into the turkey hunting spirit! You'll also find one of our latest releases, Scouting For Spring Turkey Season there as well. This video is full of tips and tactics that should help put you on your bird, hunting public or private land.


Michael shall be continuing his efforts to provide fresh herping content for the site, as well as joining us in the turkey woods. He has a full plate with his side project Neverending Herping, for which he will also be creating fresh video content. Matthew, Siobhan, and our latest crew member Desiree will also be involved in future projects. While they are not inclined to join us in the field for our hunting adventures, they are all avid outdoor enthusiast. Their interest range more towards the herping activities, as well as joining us on the occasional fishing trip. So we do have a busy production schedule planned for this season, and hope you will enjoy joining us as we surround ourselves with the wonders of nature, cameras in tow, to share our adventures with you here on our website! Get out there and enjoy the wonderful spring weather yourselves, and when you get a bit of spare time, be sure to check in and see what we have been up to! 

We've been sharing out videos on MyHuntProfile.com Click the links for more Information.


                                                                                    SPRING IS IN THE AIR  
Get out there and enjoy the outdoors. If you find yourself with a bit of downtime, click below and join us 


       catching shad on the Potomac          on an archery deer hunt        for an epic battle to land a tarpon



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