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                                                                                                 SPRING 2020                                      

Wow. How things quickly change. We had pre-loaded our spring update before our Florida trip so we could get it on-line easily while we were away. That was before things went south! We had traveled down to visit Chris just as things started to get sketchy, and were somewhat worried we would not be able to make it back home as it got worse. But we are pleased to announce that we did, happy and healthy as well. While we will be spending a short while quarantined after our travels, we did get some filming done with the group we were isolated with in Florida. It is our pleasure to announce that Matt and Siobhan did make the trip with us this year, and while the turkey hunt didn't pan out, they participated in our latest production!

You'll find our latest videos, including Herping Florida Cypress Swamps are completed, posted and ready for viewing  on our  "Now Playing"  page. On our previous spring publication, we  mentioned we had booked an out of state trip with Tennessee River Monsters  to fish for big striped bass. This is still scheduled for the end of April. As far as we know, it's still on, but we are going to be playing it by ear to see how the pandemic progresses the next few weeks before we make a decision if this trip is going to happen or not. 

While we often publish a video from Opening Day of Trout season, it looks like that wont be the case this year. Our state suspended the stocking program. This could become an issue. We still have plenty of venison, but are severely depleted in the fish department, and need to remedy that situation. While fresh trout may not be on the menu, we still have all our night crawlers ready to go. Fishing is most certainly an activity you can practice while self isolating. It can be a great way to get outdoors and put some fresh food on the table too! Dana and I plan to do that just as soon as possible. You can be sure we'll have the cameras rolling while we do that, just as we have in the past, filming for our Frugal Fishing series. See a few of those videos while you visit. They're filled with great action, and tips that can help you fill your stringer, as well as keep a bit more of that coin in your wallet while you do that! We also plan to do some spring turkey hunting as the seasons open here too, perhaps in a neighboring state as well, if that remains possible. This shouldn't prove to be an issue, as we will be isolated away from others in the swamps and woodlands while we do this. We also plan to try and hit the spring shad runs, from the bank if we have to!

                                                 Thanks for stopping by. Stay well, and be safe.
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                    SPRING IS HERE! GET OUT AND ENJOY  IT SAFELY !                           

            On a Spring Herping Trip                        Doing Some Fishing                         On a Wild Turkey Hunt!

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