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                                                                                                       FALL 2023  

So it's here! Fall, and the hunting seasons are opening across the country! This usually starts with a dove hunt for our Crew, and if you scroll down, you'll find a link to a video where Mike shares one of his favorite recipes for cooking these tasty game birds! If you had some luck in the dove fields this year, be sure to give it a try, and if not, don't overlook hunting the late season splits for dove if you get a chance. 

We are happy to report that the relocation is complete, Mike and Dana are settling in at their new place in Tennessee. This should be interesting, as they plan to try and improve their property with food plots for deer and wild turkey, and may share some videos of this as the project progresses. There is also a lot of scouting to be done on the nearby public hunting lands. This got started over the past summer, and continues even now after hunting season opened. It's going to take some time to learn our way around the new back forty! You'll find the first deer hunting video of the new season posted with this update on our "Now Playing Page". We try and share tips on how we locate game in these videos, and hopefully, the successful hunts that result from these excursions.  But hunting is not all we'll be doing this fall. Now that we have new waters to explore, we're sure that fall fishing will be a big part of future videos. We've also posted a few new fishing videos filmed as summer rolled to a close, so be sure to see those as well! If that's not enough fishing action for you, check out our "Frugal Fishing" videos filled with fishing tips!

We certainly hope to have some more herping for you this fall. I know Michael and Desiree had planned to have a video ready for this update, but life got in the way. Matt and Siobhan may be a part of this as well. Chris has been promising us a video for sometime, so we'll lean on him a bit to provide some fresh content. Until then, you'll find some past herping action posted on our "Herping Maryland" page.

We look forward to an exciting fall, and will be bringing you fresh content as the leaves change and the days shorten and cool. We hope you'll check back often and join us on all of our outdoor adventures!

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               FALL IS HERE, GET OUT THERE AND ENJOY THE OUTDOORS!                                                      WHEN YOU GET A BREAK IN THE ACTION  

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