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   FALL 2016   

Fall is by far one of the most anticipated times of the year for The Crew here at Camochair Productions. We tend to start paying very close attention to the forecast wind direction, as archery seasons get underway. I know that I have been trying to pick up the Public Land Pope and Young series where I left off for a few seasons now, and hope to find time to actually do that this fall. With Dana working a lot of hours, I find myself more in the role of a grocery hunter. Not that this is a bad thing, but filling the freezer takes priority over waiting on a big set of antlers here. The environmentally friendly, local, organic venison we take while hunting is a large part of the meat we eat. It also gives us the opportunity to work on videos with tips on doing your own butchering at home. Processing Deer; The Shoulder, is an example of one of these videos. We would like to produce several more videos of this nature in the future. We will have to see how our luck plays out in the field.  

Also in the works will be another Frugal Fishing video to conclude production of the series for this year. We have been thinking of taking a break from production on this series for the time being. What say you, Yay or Nay? Please feel free to use the "Contact Us" section, or comment our facebook page if you would like to see more of this series in the future. We will continue to produce fishing videos, but feel this particular series may have run it's course.

Of course, the crisp cool days of fall can be a great time for all the reptile and amphibian enthusiasts to head out on herping trips. These creatures seek heat, so open rocky terrain heated by direct sunlight can be a gold mine for finding herps. It is also the time of year many species return to their den sites. Michael explores this a bit in our Herping Maryland Series, visiting a venomous snake den in episode seven. Not only was the den crawling with copperheads, but timber rattlesnakes  as well. It is a very interesting video, as these snakes give birth to live young in the fall, and excellent footage of young rattlers was obtained. We're sure you'll be fascinated by some of this footage, and will be doing our best to bring you more soon. 

We will be posting fresh content very soon, but for now, be sure to enjoy the fall themed videos in our "Now Playing" section, or use the quick links posted below to see a few of our past outdoor adventures!

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Fall is in the air!

We know many of you have taken to the field. When you get a break, be sure to join us

                  fishing for tarpon                      in the Virginia backcountry            on an early season deer hunt


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