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                                                                                                     WINTER 2020   

Where to start. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always difficult, and the Camochair Crew got hit hard with that this past fall. Mike lost his mother, and that brought things to halt as far as our project here was concerned. Family is the most important thing when these situations happen, and our attention turned to our family as we all gathered to mourn our loss. Janet was always one of our biggest fans, always talking up our videos, and handing out our cards to her friends, and even strangers she would talk to in passing. Even when it came to our herping videos (she hated snakes) she would ask if  folks were interested in that sort of thing, even though those videos creeped her out. She will be missed, but  we are accepting at this time that she has found peace. With her in mind, we dedicate this update to her memory. You'll find the first video we made after her passing, Backyard Bowhunting 2020 is posted on our "Now Playing" page. Since our original update, we've recently uploaded and posted our latest release there, Winter Trout Fishing. 

You will also find several other videos. Since we were forced to halt production for a period of time, we've decided to fill that page with some of our older, less viewed videos, that you might not have seen before. Moving forward, videos will probably be a bit sporadic for a while as we all settle into our new routines. There is a lot to still be accomplished in regards to her passing, and it includes making sure Mike's father is well cared for and has company. They were married for sixty eight years, so we want to be there for him.

But we do have plans to try and produce a few videos this winter. We are trying to make some more time for Dana to get out and put a bit more meat in our freezer. She has a great spot for deer, so while she is doing that Michael and Mike plan to take a weekend for themselves as respite, and do a bit of Dove and duck hunting. Perhaps that will result is a video as well. If not, a little late season small game hunting may be in order so we can make some Brunswick Stew to tide us over on those cold winter nights!

We hope everyone had a great season in the field even though we couldn't be out there with you! But just because deer seasons will close, it doesn't mean the hunt is over! It's just beginning! While we may not have time to do our post season deer scouting this year, if you scroll down a bit, you'll find a video that offers some tips that have worked for us in the past, and led to some of the public land hot spots you may have seen us take a deer or two from in past videos! Don't let a little cold weather stop you!

You can rest assured that in time, we'll be back in the field with our cameras rolling to continue production.
    Until then, get caught up on what we've produced already, we'll have fresh content posted ASAP! 

wild turkey    

                     WINTER IS HERE! TIME TO ENJOY THAT GAME AND FISH!                 
                   We hope you had some luck this season. If you did, be sure to try the recipes below!

             ENJOY THAT VENISON                                      DUCK POT PIE                                              DOVE KABOBS                               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   deer hunting,           DUCKS      dove kabobs        

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