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                                                                                                      FALL 2019                                              

 Another fall has arrived! Without a doubt, fall is eagerly anticipated in the Camochair camp! Hunting seasons open. Fish become more active after the lethargy created by the heat of summer, feeding up for the winter. Reptiles and amphibians begin to look for winter dens, making them a bit easier to find. The temperatures cool, and the leaves will soon begin to change, making it a fantastic time to get outside and enjoy the scenery and conditions while you pursue your passion! That's exactly what we plan to do!

You can be sure we'll have the cameras rolling while we do it to! Michael and Matt have said they will take Mike along as cameraman again, and get some fall herping in soon! Hopefully, they will offer to take him along on a trip to the rattlesnake den. Until then, join us for our Herping Maryland videos at this link

Chris has mentioned he will be trying to do some filming as well. He has been working a lot, but wants to expand our Herping Florida video play list for us. We can't wait to get our hands on the SD cards he sends.

Of course, we don't want to forget the gals! Siobhan and Desiree will be invited along on these adventures, and Dana will be taking her camera afield to do some hunting of her own. She has plans to get back into the community she was hunting last season, filming videos for "Backyard Bowhunting". Be sure to click the link provided, and join her as she helps mitigate the damage the burgeoning
 deer herd is doing in this area, while providing some environmentally friendly eating for the family freezer!

With this update, posted at this link to our "Now Playing Page",  you'll find fresh content, video of this seasons first successful hunt, Dana and the Velvet Six. She's not the only one who has enjoyed some early success this fall. You can join Mike as he christens the new season with the camera rolling, taking a big ole doe for our freezer! That videos there too!  You'll also find several fall adventures from previous seasons. Enjoy these videos, and all the content at the links posted below, as we frantically hit the fields and streams to bring you more outdoor adventures just as often as possible! Hope to see you again soon! 

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 walleye fishing  fishing from piers, money saving/fishing tips  squirrel hunting , cooking brunswick stew,

deer hunting,    


     Catching and Preparing Panfish           Finding Snakes at the Beach                Taking a Nice Spike Buck

 fishing, cooking fish      cottonmouth, herping     deer hunting


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