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                                                                                                   SUMMER 2019                                              

Summer has officially arrived! With school out, and a fresh leave year underway, that means vacation time for most folks. That's a great opportunity to spend some time enjoying the outdoors. Of course, for us, fishing comes to mind. We always try and set aside some time to take a summer vacation, and get a bit of that in over the summer. Sometimes we may travel far and fish for exotic species, like we did a few years back on a trip to visit Chris and Dana boated a tarpon of a lifetime in Florida! We've also traveled to lakes far from home, like Lake Norris, Tennessee, and made a lot of great memories. That would include staying in a dry cabin in the Alaskan bush for a few days and fly fishing for Arctic Grayling. The links embedded in this text will take you to those videos so that you may enjoy them with us as they happened!  

But one of our favorite vacation destinations is here close to home. Just a few short hours away, Deep Creek Lake is nestled in the mountains. We have spent many vacations there over the years. This year was no different. We returned from our early summer vacation with several memory cards full of great footage! The first video from our trip, Deep Creek Lake Walleyes is already on-line and posted in  "Now Playing" . But that wont be the only video we produce from this trip. Michael Chris and Matt got the band back together, and with the help of Siobhan and Desiree, they got out and filmed some Herping footage. We'll also have more fishing material from this adventure, so stand-by and check back often!

Those aren't the only videos you'll find on this site. Use this link to our Frugal Fishing Series. In these videos, we fish for a variety of species, and offer fishing and money saving tips that will help not only the novice angler, but also  experienced fishermen and women looking to improve their outings! This link to our Hepring Maryland series should keep our herping fans occupied until the new material arrives!

While most hunting seasons are closed at present, it is not time to focus solely on fishing and herping. Summer is a great time to scout for deer season. It's actually very important to scout year round if you want to have a successful hunting season. Mike hopes to get a few videos done on this as deer season approaches. Until then, you'll find a link below to a video on summer scouting with tips to get you started. 

Use this link to our "Now Playing" page, and find more great content! There you will  find a new herping release provided by Chris, The Elusive Mangrove Diamondback Terrapin, which he filmed while participating in a collection and tagging study of this species. You'll also find videos of past summer outdoor adventures, our latest releases from this past spring, and new content as it's posted! 


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