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                                                                                                     SPRING 2023  

My God, where does the time go? Another spring is here already! We certainly hope you can make some time to get out there and enjoy all the wonderful outdoor opportunities this season offers. If you follow our videos, here at our website, or on our YouTube channel Sharing The Outdoors, you probably know that Dana and Mike are in the process of relocating. This, of course, has slowed our ability to continue video production. While there is light at the end of the tunnel, it looks like this process will be continuing into the coming spring, and may have an impact on our ability to enjoy the great early season fishing for trout we often enjoy this time of year. But it hasn't stopped them from fishing entirely. They were in Maryland taking care of some last minute business recently, and enjoyed a warm day they had free to catch the first fish of this season on one of the local streams! Find that video in our updated "Now Playing" section!

As things settle down, they are looking forwards to exploring their new area. You know a lot of scouting for the coming turkey season will be in order, as well as locating some reliable fishing holes to stock the freezer when fishing season gets underway. We know this will provide plenty of new content when they do have time to get the cameras in the field this spring! In fact, there are plans to restart an old video series, "The Search For Perch"  These tasty fish are not only very willing to bite on their spring runs, but also make great table fare! Hopefully they can find good fishing for them in their new home state!

Chris has been able to continue filming. He produced a video on an adventure through Indonesia and Borneo. Herping Indonesia is also posted in our "Now Playing" section. Use the link provided to click through to that page and join him on his Cobra Quest! There are also more herping videos in the works at the time of this update. Michael and Desiree, along with Matt and Siobhan are taking full advantage of the relocation. They recently used the new home base as a stopping over point on a road trip to film a spring herping video in a new area of the country! We are pleased to announce that you can find that video online on our "Now Playing" page well. Even though production was disrupted a bit, you can see we are diligently trying to keep things moving forward! If you're looking for more herping content from them, be sure to check out our "Herping Maryland" series, or "Herping Florida" series. Linking through to the Crew Page provides you with links to the personal pages for everyone involved in our project.  On their pages you will discover an outdoor video each team member helped create personally! 

Thanks for bearing with us while we reorganize. We should be back to a more robust production schedule shortly, and are looking forwards to continuing to share our outdoor adventures and videos with you here .

                             Get out there and explore your world! 


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