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                                                                                                 WINTER 2019                                              

Winter has arrived, and with it the holiday seasons. This a fantastic time of year, and it brings family and friends together to celebrate the season! This can lead to an opportunity to get outdoors, even if the weather can sometimes be less than favorable for it. During the early part of winter, many deer seasons are still open, and the late split of small game and migratory bird seasons are opening! We plan to partake in these to top off our freezer for the year, and we'll have the cameras rolling while we do that! While we work on fresh content, you'll find our "Now Playing" section updated with new videos. With this update we're featuring a late season dove hunt  Michael and Mike enjoyed. You will also find a video Dana shot while she was hunting the whitetail rut, and took a fantastic buck! But these are not the only videos posted!

This time of year is also when you have to start planning for next spring and summer. Many states start their lottery for managed or "quota" hunts now for next spring. I'm pleased to announce that we have already  drawn permits to hunt turkey with Chris in Florida next spring, and are waiting for the results of several other out of state drawings in addition to that! You know when we get to Florida, while spring turkey hunting is a big part of our trip, it's sure to result in more footage for our Hepring Florida Series too!

Hunting trips aren't the only thing you can plan for next year. In our Frugal Fishing Series, we filmed a few videos about how guided fishing trips can be a good way to maximize your time on unfamiliar waters. Winter is a great time to schedule a guided trip, and get an opening during prime time to catch those big ones! Trips like this can make great Christmas presents too! We've planned a fishing trip next spring already. We'll be  fishing for big striped bass with Tennessee River Monsters, and have the cameras rolling!

If fishing and hunting are not your thing, planning that big outdoor adventure you've been dreaming about can also be done during the winter. Below you'll find a video we shot a few years back on a trip to Alaska! This was planned over the winter, and while we did do some fishing for Arctic Grayling while there, simply enjoying the scenery and spending time in the back country of Denali was a treat in itself! So be sure to check out some of our videos while you're here, and get ready for more great action coming soon!   

 wild turkey    

                                 WINTER IS HERE! ARE YOU STUCK INSIDE?                             

     See the Denali Backcountry                Do some Herping in Maryland              Early Spring Crappie in Georgia

 Deanli     herping      crappie fishing


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