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                                                                                                       WINTER 2018                                              

Where does the time go? Another winter season is upon us! This time of year, things slow down for us a bit. Most deer seasons are wrapping up, and the weather can make it a bit difficult at times. Bitter cold and frozen precipitation can play havoc with outdoor activities. But things don't come to a screeching halt. Late season archery hunting is still open. Small game seasons usually stay open well into the winter, and the late split duck seasons are just getting started! We will try and take advantage of these opportunities!

With this update, we've posted  Rutcation 2018. In this video, Mike takes a look at some of the hunting done during this years whitetail rut. Be sure to use the link provided below to check it out! A few of the other videos we have posted include a late season deer hunt with Dana, and some of the other hunts we've had during this past fall! At the end of the hunting season, we were also able to finish a video on post season scouting for deer. If you hunt public land, you know scouting is important to your success, and in this video, we offer a tip on a scouting tactic that led to one of the first archery deer Mike was able to bring home! We haven't forgotten our herping friends, and you'll also find some winter herping action. These videos are ready for viewing on our "Now Playing" page.
  Don't overlook our "Frugal Fishing" page. These videos of past fishing trips can help you prepare for the coming fishing season, with tips that could help you put more fish in the cooler, as well as save you some money while you're doing that! We hope you find these videos entertaining while we work on bringing you fresh content. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy what we have posted already! Be sure we will be braving the conditions to bring you more soon!

While you're here, be sure to stop by and check out our "Crew" page. There you'll find links to the pages of everyone involved with our project. Clicking the links to their personal pages will reveal a brief biography of what's currently going on with our members, and a video they had a hand in producing in the past.

                                                  We hope everyone had a productive season! 

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     HERPING FLORIDA IN THE SPRING                 FISHING FOR TARPON                                      HUNTING TURKEY



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