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                                                                                                        SPRING 2018   

It begins slowly. The days lengthen almost imperceptibly. Then you begin to realize it's still light out at 18:00. The rock hard ground developes a slick coating of mud, turning your pants, cuffs, and shoes into a mess. You'll get yelled at for not using the mat and tracking dirt in after your journeys outside. The hint of warmth on the wind leads to an overcast sky breaking, and sunshine that begins forcing the removal of the layers of clothes you've grown accustomed to. Then things start to get rolling, the flowers push forth from their tombs in the previously frozen ground, small insects begin to make an appearance. You start thinking about getting a fishing license, and realize the wild turkeys will be gobbling, and you need to get out and scout some spots for the coming spring turkey season! It's time to shake off that cabin fever and get back outside! We start charging cameras, and move forwards with the plans that have been on hold for a bit!

This year some of those plans include heading to Florida! Michael headed down to join Chris and get a jump start on the herping. This trip resulted in our latest release, Herping Florida in the Spring. You'll find that by using this link to our "Now Playing" section.  Mike and Dana will be doing a road trip for a visit not long after. They will be doing some turkey hunting, and hopefully a bit more herping as time permits. They will also be breaking up the ride home with a stop way down south on the Chattahoochee 
to do a bit of fishing on Lake Lanier. We have fished there before, with a really great guide Doug Youngblood. Last time we fished for landlocked striped bass, and enjoyed great success. You can join us on that trip by clicking the thumbnails below. We are hoping that this trip not only results in a few full coolers to bring home, but also plenty of video footage from these adventures to edit and post in the coming days! It certainly is an exciting time of the year with lots of outdoor action. See what we've posted already, more is on the way!   


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DOING SOME EARLY SPRING HERPING        TURKEY HUNTING TEXAS     FILLING THE COOLER WITH SPRING CRAPPIE                                                                 


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