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  SUMMER 2014  

Another summer arrives! What a summer this one is going to be. We are gearing up for some HUGE outdoor adventures. Hang tight, those will be coming in days soon to arrive. Let's take a quick look at what we accomplished this past spring. Some of the rain we had here was hard to imagine. Hurricanes have dropped less water, and produced less flooding. That slowed down production on our Frugal Fishing series a bit. But we did get a few videos completed. We are publishing the latest video in the series with this site update. For more information on current and coming episodes, scroll to the bottom of the page. We also filmed a great crappie fishing video between downpours. Our Mothers Day Spring Crappie Fishing trip can be found on our "Now Playing" page. While summer is a great time for fishing, and we plan to capitalize on that, it is also the best time of year to find reptiles and amphibians out and about. We will be continuing to release videos in our Herping Maryland Series as the year moves along. You'll find that we have published another episode in this series with our summer update as well. You can find more information, and an introductory video about Herping Maryland below. Michael also managed to get away on a herping adventure with the North East Chapter of the N.A.F.H.A. You'll find his video of this trip published at the bottom of his personal page. Use the drop down menu, or click his thumbnail photo in " The Crew" section to join the group on a fantastic adventure down in Virginia ! We hope you enjoy what we've managed to put together so far this past spring, and rest assured, there are going to be some really great outdoor adventures shared in the coming months! 



Barbecue season is here! If you have some venison left over in the freezer, click here and try this recipe for Rosemary Tenderloins. It will work with strips of backstrap, or even, if necessary, store bought meats. 

Matt and Siobhan were recently married! Matt asked her to marry him on a herping trip, they spent part of their honeymoon herping as well. You'll find Honeymoon Herping in our "Now Playing" section. We will also be working on, and posting videos of Michael and Chris  as they continue  their latest project, Herping In Maryland. This series will explore herping in all the the different geographic regions of Maryland. Be sure to see all the espisodes in this series and get ready for more to be posted, just click below for

The Herping Maryland Series



2014 is the final year of the Maryland Amphibian and Reptile Atlas project.

You can get more info on helping with the final year of MARA by using these links.


This summer we will be working on our Frugal Fishing Series, filled with tips that can save you money, as well as help you catch more fish. If you enjoy your time on the water as much as we do, you'll want to follow the action as we explore various fresh and salt water venues this year. You can see the first few videos filmed in 2014, as well as the past few seasons, by visiting the Frugal Fishing Page while your here.

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              Herping Tennessee                                        Join us for a Dove Hunt!                                          Florida Flats Fishing


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