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                                                                                                         SPRING 2022  

As winter loosens it's grip, the great outdoors begins to stir. The awakening starts slowly. The persistent grays and browns of the winter woodlands begin to exhibit a green coloration in the understory. Early flowers begin to send up shoots, sometimes finding themselves coated with a light early spring snow. There is also a noticeable increase in volume. Birds become much louder. The amphibians begin to chorus. Before you know it, temperatures are warming, a full blown green up is happening, and the world bursts into bloom! Time to start scouting for those spring turkey! Just don't forget the insect repellent and permethrin! Those pesky insects and ticks will be out there when you go, looking for a good feed!

Our video production had slowed over the winter. While we try to keep videos coming over the winter months, this year was very hard for us. Mike lost his father towards the end of the winter, and that took the wind from our sails. But as he grieves his loss, he reflects on good times had fishing with him by heading out with Dana to enjoy some of the spring trout stocking at the local lakes and streams, or spending some time in the spring woods scouting and chasing wild turkey, with his son Michael, who also joined them at some of the old trout holes, as well as fishing for crappie, filling the stringer with tasty fresh fish!

You'll find the new spring videos we've already uploaded, and new content as we create it, posted to our "Now Playing" page. There you'll also find a few videos from past spring seasons. 

Matthew,and his wife Siobhan, along with, Chris ,are also talking with Michael and Desiree about some road trips to film a few new Herping videos, one of which has been completed and uploaded, a trip to south Texas! We hope the price of fuel doesn't impact their plans to provide more great herping!  You can join them at this link for our Herping Maryland series. More herping is on the way! While you wait, be sure to use this link to TikTok to visit Siobhan's page she started with herping and outdoor shorts!

With fuel prices being what they are, you might also be interested in our Frugal Fishing videos. Filled with a lot of great fishing action as we replenish our fish fillets after the winter, they also include money saving tips. We hope this will help you pinch a few pennies for the next fill up on the way to your fishing hole!

While you visit our site, click through and explore the links found on our "Crew" page. There you'll find a video  each crew member had a hand in creating. We hope to have much more on the way soon!


surf fishing    

                                                SPRING HAS ARRIVED!                                                  

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