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   WINTER 2016   
Winter is upon us. The holidays always tear us away from the field for a bit, to enjoy time celebrating with family and friends. Getting all those folks together can often be a good excuse to get outside with them and enjoy some time hunting, fishing, or other outdoor adventures, like herping. As far as herping goes, it can be a tough time of the year. You almost have to head to the opposite hemisphere where they enjoy spring and summer while we have our fall and winter. Guess what. That happened. Michael and Desiree, who we are pleased to be introducing as our latest Crew Member with this update, head to Belize on a special occasion, and enjoy some herping to celebrate. You'll find our latest release, Herping Belize, in our "Now Playing" section. There you will also find another new video posted with this update, Hunting the Whitetail Rut for Meat. We do enjoy our bounty from the field, and all deer, not just those big bucks, are more active during the breeding period. This allows those who are looking to fill the freezer more encounters in the field. We are also working on producing more videos with helpful "how to" tips on home processing game, and will be exploring more of these videos as the opportunities presents themselves. You'll find our video Processing Deer, the Backstraps, right below those two, as well as several other great outdoor adventures we have had, and wanted to share with you here. We hope you enjoy them.

Looking forward, season six of our Frugal Fishing series will be our last for a while. While we do enjoy filming these, we think a hiatus is in order. Much of that has to do with our upcoming plans, and the fact that Dana and Mike were successful in drawing quota permits for a Florida wild turkey hunt with Chris next spring. Matthew and Siobhan also have plans to travel for a few new productions as well. So with our busy schedules, we simply may not be able to devote much time, or resources, toward that side of our project.

So feel free to browse our site, and enjoy the many outdoor videos we have posted throughout. We just want to take a minute and thank you all for your interest in our project, and let you know that we will be bringing you more of our outdoor adventures as often as possible! 

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                                                                                                          WINTER IS HERE 
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