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fall colors
Fall Foliage at the lake

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                                                                                                          FALL 2021  

It's hard to believe another summer has slipped by. But fall has arrived, and we're kicking it off to a good start! If you follow us on-line, you'll know that last fall was not a good one for us. With all that transpired, we had to put family first, and were unable to spend time in the field. But that makes time spent in the field with family and friends that much more special. We hope this fall provides plenty of opportunity for that!

As we post this falls update, many hunting seasons have already started, and more will be opening soon! Dana didn't waste any time this year. She headed out for an opening day hunt and wound up taking a very unique deer, a 14 point buck with three main beams! You know she had the camera rolling too! You can find that video posted with this update on our "Now Playing Page" ! We hope this is the first of many hunting videos we will be able to share with you this fall! We'll do our best to make that happen! Matt and Siobhan have also added a new video to that page, a fantastic herping trip to the Mojave desert.

Fishing isn't off the list just because we're spending a lot of time hunting. As summer ended, we took a look at seasonal fishing patterns. We still have more seasonal patterns to explore into this fall, at lakes we found in our Search for Perch series, and we got out and did some fall snakehead fishing to see if fall fishing patterns held. Find those videos, and our new releases, posted in Now Playing too! If that's not enough fishing action for you, check out the videos on our  Frugal Fishing page. These videos are full of great action from fishing trips past, that can help you fill your stringer and save a few bucks doing it! While we work on filming videos for the current hunting seasons, don't overlook the videos we have posted on our Public Land Pope And Young page. While Mike is still working on completing this quest, the videos he's added to this page include hunting tips that led to more than one good buck coming home in the truck! For our herping fans, we also offer the Herping Maryland series. While Michael seems to be tied down at work more than usual lately, he and Desiree have added a new herping video to our "Now Playing" section as well! Chris, who has been noticeably absent lately, has promised to try and put something together in the near future. We're sure anything he sends us will make good additions to  Herping Florida !

While you visit our site, click through and explore the links found on our "Crew" page. There you'll find a video  each crew member (even Desiree) had a hand in creating. We hope to have much more on the way!

duck hunting    

                                                  FALL HAS ARRIVED                                                      

             HUNTING THE RUT                        HUNTING SQUIRRELS                   ON A FALL HERPING TRIP
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