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                                                                                                      SUMMER 2024   

Summer is here! We're excited to welcome another summer of outdoor fun! While the heat can at times be a little extreme, limiting fishing to mornings and evenings, we want to get out and explore many of the new fishing opportunities we have nearby. Hopefully, Mike will get it in gear and prep the boat Dana got  for a few  adventures! But you certainly don't need a boat to get out and go fishing! In fact, you can find many fishing tips for bank fishing in the numerous videos found on our Frugal Fishing page. There, you'll also find these videos include money saving tips that can help stretch that fishing budget in these tight times!

But fishing isn't all that's going to happen this summer. Herping is always a great way to spend some quality time outdoors. You'll find a great herping trip Chris had to Arizona posted on our "Now Playing" page, and it wont be much longer until he returns from India where he ventured to try and find an example of the King Cobra in it's native habitat. He's been looking for one for a while, and we're sure this trip will be full of interesting finds you wont see here in the states! But we wont keep our herping fans waiting. Matt and Michael filmed a recent adventure they had traveling to a rattlesnake den, and that video is live with this site update on our "Now Playing" page as well!. Perhaps Desiree and Siobhan will be appearing in future releases as this summer wears on. Until then, use their links to see a few of the videos they are in!

One things for sure, we will be out there cameras in tow this summer, enjoying the season and some great outdoor adventures. We hope you have the opportunity to do the same. When you do get a chance to prop up your feet, we certainly hope you will use a bit of that free time to join us on a few of ours!

surf fishing    

        SUMMER IS HERE !!! GET OUT AND ENJOY IT. WHEN YOU HAVE A BIT                                            OF DOWNTIME, CLICK BELOW TO JOIN US                                                                                                                                     


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