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  WINTER 2015  

With this posting, winter has officially arrived. We are still trying to figure out where the fall went. Every year it seems like there are more demands on our time. None of those involve getting out and doing what we would prefer, filming outdoor adventures to share with you. But we did manage to spend a bit of time in the field. Our latest video, being released with this update, can be found in the "Now Playing" section. Shotgun Deer Hunting was filmed on the opening day of firearms season, and we were fortunate enough to bag a deer with the cameras rolling! Given that season is well underway, or even wrapping up, another video being posted with this update takes a look at home processing venison. We are also including a few choice videos with some of our favorite venison recipes you will want to try if you had some luck this fall.   

Our plans going forward are to try and keep the videos coming as the year winds down into the off season.  While the deer hunting slows down, and the herd has been thinned, there are still opportunities. We have not ruled out bird hunting, perhaps we will be able to put together that duck hunting video we have wanted to film. Keep your eyes open for fresh content as it is added to our site. We'll keep it coming as long as possible, then start planning more adventures for the coming year when the season is closed! 

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 Winter is upon us! Don't despair!

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