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                                                                                                       SUMMER 2017  

At the time of this posting, most schools will have recessed and vacations will be in progress or looming just over the horizon. While summer typically sees most hunting seasons closed, fishing can be a great way to spend a relaxing day of your vacation! Or NOT. Early summer sees the tarpon migrations through Florida waters, and it wasn't so long ago that we booked a fishing charter on our summer vacation to visit Chris and catch a few of these huge fish. They are known for their powerful runs and majestic aerobatics once hooked, and can really wear you out as you work to bring them boat-side. We have also used summer vacation to visit Alaska, where we spent some time in a remote, unspoiled area of the Alaskan Bush fishing for the Arctic Grayling. You'll find these and several other fishing videos from past summer trips posted on our "Now Playing" page. If you do a lot of fishing, you may enjoy our Frugal Fishing series. The videos in this series look at fishing for mixed species in fresh and saltwater, and include tips we've picked up over the years that will not only help you catch more fish, but save a little money while doing that! If fishing is not your thing, perhaps you would enjoy a pleasant hike exploring your world and the creatures that share it with you. Our Crew often does this, spending some time looking for the reptiles and amphibians that fascinate them. This activity is called Herping. Summer is a great time for herping, as these heat loving creatures are more active when the mercury in the thermometer rises towards the top, and we are including a few herping videos with this update. Also on our site you will find our Herping Maryland series, a detailed look at the herpetofauna that calls this state home, both common and enandgered species. 


Michael shall be continuing his efforts to provide fresh herping content for the site, as well as his side project Neverending Herping, for which he will also be creating fresh video content. Matthew, Siobhan, and our latest crew member Desiree will also be involved in future projects. While they are not inclined to join us in the field for our hunting adventures, they are all avid outdoor enthusiast. Their interest range more towards the herping activities, as well as joining us on the occasional fishing trip. So we do have a busy production schedule planned for this season, and hope you will enjoy joining us as we surround ourselves with the wonders of nature, cameras in tow, to share our adventures with you here on our website! We also hope that in your journeys this summer, you get a chance to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

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