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   SPRING 2016  

Is it the warmth that produces it? Perhaps the moisture from melting snow? The stirring of life below the detritus? I do not know. But I do know that the scent of spring is in the air, and you can smell it!
Before long, the sounds of spring begin to resonate. First is the sometimes deafening chorus of the spring peepers getting a jump on things. These calls herald the onslaught of breeding seasons for many species.
The amphibians begin their migration from their wintering places to the vernal pools that will harbor their eggs and young. It is a great time of the year to locate species that are almost impossible to find at any other. Michael offers some tips on how you can get out and do just that in our video Early Spring Herping. You can find that by scrolling down a little ways in our "Now Playing" section. There you will also find some of our latest releases. Join us as Mike takes to the woods to pursue another creature at the height of it's breeding ritual, the wild turkey! He heads out onto public land, offers tips and tactics for scouting and hunting these amazing birds, then bags a really nice Tom with the camera rolling. Be sure to see our video Tips For Public Land Turkey Hunting. We hope to have several more turkey hunts filmed this year as well!
Spring fishing is another spring activity based around reproductive cycles, and we will be filming new installments of our Frugal Fishing series as the  season progresses. But you don't have to wait for that, because another new release you'll find posted in "Now Playing" is Fishing Lake Fontana. Mike and Dana had a wonderful time down in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina on this adventure. Don't miss it!
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 Spring is in the Air!

Get out there and enjoy the great outdoors! When you have a bit of free time, click below and join us

                   down by the lake                                catching walleye pike                    on a spring turkey hunt


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