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Chris is an avid outdoor photographer, scuba diver, and hunter. He enjoys his underwater and nature photography as much, or more so, than his twin brother Michael.
He is currently in Florida. We have enjoyed past visits with Chris, and even filmed several videos on those visits. On one of those visits, Chris took an in depth look at the problem of invasive species in his home state. We think you'll find our look at the problem in Herping Florida, The Invasive Species quite interesting.

The good news is that we are headed back down to visit soon! We will be joining Chris to enjoy a week of turkey hunting on some Florida public land, and I'm sure he will want to work in some more herping while we are at it. Below you'll find the herping we did last spring Herping Florida 2017. Be sure to check this video and the fascinating creatures we uncovered in the Florida swamps. We can only hope our next trip turns out to be this productive as well!