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Chris is an avid outdoor photographer, scuba diver, and hunter. He enjoys his underwater and nature photography as much, or more so, than his twin brother Michael.
He is currently in Florida, and has been at the helm of our Herping Florida video series. We hope to get back down and visit Chris just as soon as we are able, but he has indicated he will be working on more Florida videos and forwarding the footage to us just as soon as he can! 

But he does in fact get up here to visit us on occasion as well, In fact he was able to make it up here just this past summer. We were, at the time, on a fishing trip to a favorite vacation destination, Deep Creek Lake, filming Mixed Species Madness, he landed a nice pike, as well as helped fill the cooler. He also joined his brothers Matt and Michael on a fantastic herping trip. Be sure to join them below exploring the amazing creatures of that area.