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Chris is an avid outdoor photographer, scuba diver, and hunter. He enjoys his underwater and nature photography as much, or more so, than his twin brother Michael.
He is currently in Florida, and contributes heavily to our  Herping Florida video series.

We got the whole Crew together, and journeyed down to visit him this past spring. That trip resulted in our recent herping video Herping Florida Cypress Swamps. He's also taken a close look at the problem with invasive species in his home state. Be sure to join him doing that in the video below, Herping Florida; The Invasive Species.

Because of all that's going on, as we mentioned on the homepage, we wont be able to do our usual visit this spring. We sure will miss that, but the great thing about filming our adventures is we can always relive past trips! Click below and join us on a great fishing trip Mike and Chris had not long ago for snook and sea trout!

Our spring trips to visit Chris are always enjoyable. While the focus of these trips is often to chase wild turkey in the cypress bogs, other activities play a role as well. Herping is on that list, and so is fishing! Since space is at a premium for those traveling, and time is short, hiring a well equipped guide is a fantastic way to enjoy some time on the water. On this trip, we booked a trip with Captain Matt and were not disappointed! We are trying to see if Chris can make time in his busy schedule to get out and do a bit of filming on his own. We hope he will have a memory card in the mail for us to edit shortly! Until then, be sure to join us on this trip where we enjoyed non-stop action for snook and redfish!