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Along the way on our journey, we often wind up with some beautiful still shots taken in the natural world, not only of it's inhabitants, but of the background scenery as well. Since many of our crew are also avid photographers, we are going to be trying to share a few of the better images with your here in the future.

These are just the beginning. We hope to add to this page regularly!

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largemouth bass camochairproductions                   spring turkey, wild turkey, camochairproductions

whitetail deer          flowers                                          camochairproductions wallleye            rattlesnake combat dance                                                                                          

      .  rainbow trout.    wild turkey  whitetail buck.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

                                   withetail buck      

 striped bass           striped bass                Golden Trout               wild turkey, camochairproductions        

Whitetail deer, Buck 14 points non-typical buck 

  snow    8 point buck snow     snow lake

surf fishing  herron  Surf Fishing

                                                   turkey, wild turkey camochairproductions

sunset camochairproductions.   snakehead camochairproductions

                        camochair productions, sunrise